An Offer You Can’t Refuse [James & Elizabeth]

  • TAGGING: James & Elizabeth Pierce
  • TIME FRAME: Morning
  • LOCATION: Elizabeth’s (house? apartment? not sure where she lives)
  • GENERAL NOTES: Look, I remembered to thread! Go me! It’s longer than I meant it to be, but it’ll probably shorten up some as we go.


It wasn’t that James actually wanted to bother his sister, per se. She certainly seemed to think so, though, and who was he to correct her when his true motives were so much harder to explain?

Truthfully, he wanted to keep an eye on her. The Lizzie of the present was radically different from the Lizzie of times past and, if he was honest with himself, he was kind of worried about her. He didn’t know what she’d gotten herself into—or even if she’d actually gotten herself into anything and was instead just growing up—but that didn’t lessen his will to look after her. After all, he was her brother and it was his job to make sure that the only person who could make her unhappy was him. Not that he wanted to, of course, but anyone else who made her cry would earn a swift punch to the face.

So it was that one James Pierce had picked up breakfast at his favorite cafe and tucked it under his arm, still steaming and fragrant, and drove to Elizabeth’s apartment. He was kind of pleased with himself, actually: had he just showed up she probably would have turned him away, but the breakfast made it so she’d feel guilty about wasting it. It was perfect. They could talk for a little bit over breakfast and, perhaps sometime over the span of their eating, she would stop minding his presence quite so much and let him stay for a little while.

James genuinely enjoyed talking to his sister, even if the reverse wasn’t true, so the prospect made him happy. He wouldn’t have to think about all the things that were wrong with his life when he was battling her intellectually… he wouldn’t admit it to himself, but visiting his sister was kind of for his sake, too.

Squaring his shoulders, James removed the key from the ignition and picked up his neat little bag of food, taking a deep breath. He hoped this would work. Shaking his head at his own hesitation—James Pierce did not hesitate!—he locked the car and strode up to the front door, hopping up the steps energetically. A ring of the doorbell announced his presence. Now, hopefully, Lizzie would actually let him in.